Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can I pour bleach in my dish water to wash them?

Isn't this dangerous? Do people really put bleach in their dish water?Can I pour bleach in my dish water to wash them?
Yes. Just a cap full though. Thats all you need.Can I pour bleach in my dish water to wash them?
Laundry - yes... but, apart from sterilizing, what would you want to bleach (whiten) in dish water??? It isn't dangerous, btw.... won't smell great!
no i do it all the time
I worked at a group home and we would but bleach in the dishwasher. One of the clients had hepatitis and we didn't want anything to happen to the other clients. Nothing happened to the dishes and no side effects on the clients, either. So my experience it was safe.
yes its fine same with me my mum used it growing up it made the dishes sparkle and very clean just make sure you really rinse it off...also good ol lemon cleans dishes and leaves it smelling fresh
I have did this before. Works great!
yes, but not a lot of bleach. my mom always did this growing up, and it never harmed us, just be sure to rinse!
People bleach there cups to cover the stains....but c'mon Dish-water detergent ain't that pricey! some
You can. Some do. Why would you want to? What is wrong with the regular soaps? There are some with bleach alternatives added.
If you want to freshen the smell in there, use Vinegar, Never Bleach. Bleach is a strong oxidizer + can harm seals + parts.
Sounds great.
It's toxic to plants, animals, and people. Would you drink it? No, well you don't want it on your dishes either, not even a tiny bit!!
yes,you can. I do it all the time with my dishes and it assures me that they are clean!
I use the dish soap that has bleach actually in it...look for that. Ultra Concentrated Dawn with bleach

';Rinse in dilute bleach solution (50-100 parts per million chlorine; about 2ml of 5% bleach per litre of water, approximately one capful bleach per gallon water). ';


Sounds like for each gallon of water you use, put a capful of bleach.

Rinse good!!
Bleach in the dish water is fine. It is a disinfectant.
Actually, wash them normally, then when rinsing, put a capful of bleach in the rinsewater. Restaraunts, hospitals, nursing homes, everyone does it.
Yes, it doesn't take much. It kills germs and works with the soap. What do you think they use at fast food restaurants? They use a type of disinfectant/ sanitizer that works the way bleach does.
Personally, i would not do it and have not heard of anyone doing this... There are some points you should think about......

Bleach has a very strong smell, which can make you dizzy and disoriented. I know this personally as i use to clean my aquairum decorations with bleach to kill algae when i was storing the decorations (changing for the season). I would get really dizzy and nautious. LIkewise may be true for you.

Another thing to think about is that bleach is not safe to drink, if you use them to wash the dishes PLEASE rinse them really really really well! It can be fatal!

If it were me, stick to the dish soap you can buy in the stores... I've always been partial to Dawn. There are many dish soaps which are really good at cutting grease and getting my dishes looking good as new.
HUH?? BLEACH? Use soap.

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