Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is it ok to wash dishes in cold water?

or is hot better?Is it ok to wash dishes in cold water?
Funny you should ask this question! Because last week on TV someone else asked the same thing.

The answer was:

Detergent breaks down the grease,fat and oils but doesn't kill germs. In order to kill germs the water temperature has to be 80 degrees Celsiuses.

The best place to wash your dishes is in a dishwasher or if you wash your dishes by hand pour boiling water over them at the end and let them air dry.

They said if you use a tea towel to dry your dishes the moist tea towel will put germs back on the dishes.

I think it's amazing, I'm still alive after all these years because I wipe my dishes dry with a tea towel and rinse the dishes in only warm water. lolIs it ok to wash dishes in cold water?
Hot, soapy water is better. It allows food residue to ';melt'; off, perhaps dissolve would have been a better word.

It also sanitizes any surfaces you may have used in preparing meat - cutting boards, etc.
Hot is always better as the purpose of washing dishes is to not only clean them but to kill any bacteria left on the plate. If you are in a pinch and only cold water is available, use an anti-bacterial detergent and rinse clean. As soon as you can, get them into some nice hot water. You don't want to take chances getting sick.
Hot is better.
Hot is better because it kills the germs and makes the soap work more effectievly.
you can not get the water hot enough to kill pathogens without burning your skin. modern detergents, like dawn will clean and kill bacteria in cold water just fine!

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